Stimawell Therapy®

Do you suffer from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain? Are you looking for a way to enable intense muscle training without performing endless reps and sets? The latest approach in combined pain relief and muscle therapy is available at Divine Medspa, your best resource for health and wellness treatments in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and the surrounding Florida communities. The dynamic deep waves in our cutting-edge electro-muscle stimulation system, StimaWELL®, offer soothing pain therapy and strengthening muscle therapy in one treatment. Meet with our board-certified medical staff to learn more about in-office treatments that deliver muscle gain while reducing pain in your back, neck, and shoulders.


Electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) technology is a groundbreaking approach for relief from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain through very effective muscle recruitment that penetrates deep into the muscles and fascia in minutes. FDA approved and medically certified, StimaWELL® is a modular assembly system utilizing EMS and heat therapy for efficient pain relief.

Effective, Deeply Relaxing Therapy

While you recline and relax on the StimaWELL® System’s patented stimulation mat, the system combines midfrequency electrostimulation and heat therapy to deliver a soothing flow of dynamic deep waves to the large muscles of the upper back, activating powerful muscle contractions that most people find particularly pleasurable.

Groundbreaking Technology for Pain Relief

Through a safe, controlled flow of electrical current, complex waves of dynamic multidimensional back stimulation reach deep into the layers of the musculature, enabling intense muscle training which feels like the kneading, stroking, or tapping elements in a comfortable massage; no time consuming electrode positioning needed.

After a session averaging just 20 minutes in length, the result is immediate pain relief along with muscle-building contractions that can activate up to 90% of the muscles.

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Therapeutic Ways to Feel Better, Sleep Better

Many people who have suffered for years from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain are amazed to find relief from pain and better sleep after just one StimaWELL® session. Studies of individuals and professional sports teams experiencing chronic pain show that EMS can speed recovery and reinforce muscle growth faster compared to traditional training and recovery methods alone.

Risks or Side Effects of EMS?

As with any medical procedure, side effects can accompany EMS therapy, such as soreness, discomfort, or skin reactions. Check with your medical doctor before beginning EMS therapy to discuss conditions (e.g., pregnancy, illnesses, etc.) that would make electrostimulation and heat therapy inadvisable.

Considering StimaWELL® Therapy in Daytona Beach, FL?

Get relief with back treatment therapy using the StimaWELL® System in Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, based on your medical doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations. Call Divine MedSpa for prices; we accept most forms of payment as well as financing. Contact us for a free consultation to learn about how the StimaWELL® System’s thermal effect strengthens muscles and relieves pain at Divine Medspa.