Introducing our new Sunlighten® 3 in 1 Infrared Sauna in Ormond Beach, FL

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Divine Laser Medspa is excited to introduce you to our latest treatment: Infrared Sauna! The Sunlighten® 3 in 1 Infrared Sauna delivers maximum health benefits with its fine craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. 

Your infrared sauna appointment can be customized to meet your wellness goals and combined with many of our other treatments, such as facials. Come and relax on your own or bring a friend and experience the amazing benefits our new infrared sauna has to offer. 

Sauna benefits include: 

  • Anti-aging: stimulates collagen production to improve skin tone and smooth lines and wrinkles
  • Weight loss: infrared sauna sessions can burn up to 400 calories 
  • Decreases inflammation: A single sauna session can decrease inflammation and ease pain
  • Relaxation: infrared sauna has been shown to help people relax and deal with stress and anxiety

How does our infrared sauna work to improve well-being? 

The Sunlighten® 3 in 1 Infrared Sauna has been engineered to help you receive the optimal dose of each IR wavelength; each with its own benefits. The patented 3 in 1 technology delivers the perfect combination of each wavelength so your body receives the maximum health benefit in every session. 

Sunlighten® innovated the 3 in 1 using 50+ data points from dozens of third-party clinical research studies to create different wavelength combinations to deliver specific benefits. Their Nasa-inspired technology uses a SoloCarbon coating to deliver 99% effective infrared, helping your body absorb almost all of the vital waves. 

Our infrared sauna was built using the finest furniture-quality materials and craftsmanship, making it comfortable and relaxing. 

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Best infrared sauna experience in Daytona Beach

The infrared sauna experience at Divine Wellness Medspa is second to none. Our aestheticians and practitioners work to make your experience with us comfortable and beneficial during every appointment in Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach. 

Combine your infrared sauna experience with one of our many spa treatments and experience a health and wellness day that will leave you relaxed and glowing. 

The Sunlighten® 3 in 1 Infrared Sauna is completely customizable and allows you to control the heat, lighting and experience. Our infrared sauna is dry and well-ventilated, so you will not experience the discomfort of a regular heat sauna. Like sunbathing, you will be able to settle into your infrared sauna appointment and enjoy the relaxed refreshing feeling of sun exposure, without the risks. 

Smart Infrared Sauna Technology

What you need from your infrared sauna experience varies from day to day and appointment to appointment. Some days you want to relax and some days you want to sweat out the stress. Whatever your needs, the Sunlighten® 3 in 1 Infrared Sauna includes smart infrared sauna technology that puts you in complete control of the sauna. 

The smart infrared sauna technology includes: 

  • Customized health programs
  • Android control pad
  • Heat control
  • Volume control
  • Lighting programs
  • Music or podcasts
  • Premium sound system
  • Chromotherapy 

Begin your wellness journey today

You can experience the benefits of an infrared sauna after just one visit. You will be in control of your private sauna experience. We will provide the space and plenty of fresh towels to make your appointment as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

Check out our introductory sauna specials here. While one sauna session is enough to sweat and experience the benefits, you may need multiple appointments to realize anything long term such as weight loss. We recommend scheduling a few appointments to see how you like our sauna. 

Infrared saunas are more comfortable and tolerable than your typical heat sauna or steam room. The infrared heat will be absorbed into your skin, causing you to sweat and trigger all of the many health benefits. 

Check out our website to learn more about our new infrared sauna in Ormond Beach! 

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Ready to experience the amazing health and well-being benefits of an infrared sauna in Ormond Beach, FL? In just a single 30-minute session, you can experience the health benefits and relaxation of an infrared sauna. Combine your session with one of our many spa treatments for the perfect day of beauty and wellness! Contact us to learn more about our new infrared sauna or schedule an appointment. We look forward to treating you!

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