Obagi Medical Nu-Derm System

Obagi Nu-Derm
Obagi Medical Nu-Derm System
Nu-Derm Transforms Your Skin From the Inside Out Skin aging is a natural process, but daily sun exposure can contribute to premature aging. Sun-damaged skin appears dull, with older, damaged cells accumulating due to slower skin cell turnover. The Nu-Derm System helps transform the skin’s appearance by reducing darks spots, revealing younger, healthier-looking skin.
Nu-Derm is ideal if you have:    
Age spots, Rough skin, Erythema (redness), Sallowness (yellowish complexion) or Hyperpigmentation (discoloration)


Obagi Nu-Derm Hydrate


Provide long-lasting hydration for essential moisturization and rejuvenation. Our moisturizers are designed for every skin type and help enhance your skin's smoothness with innovative technologies and naturally derived ingredients.
Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm


Exfoderm is recommended for dry or sensitive skin types. The greatest benefit of this lightweight lotion is its ability to promote natural skin cell turnover, helping to achieve a more youthful-looking, rejuvenated complexion. It exfoliates effectively, yet gently, removing impurities and promoting a brighter complexion. The key ingredient is 6% phytic acid, which is a gentler acid that’s responsible for exfoliating the skin. Glycerin soothes the skin and provides deep hydration to minimize irritation.
Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm Forte

Exfoderm Forte

Exfoderm Forte is recommended for oiler skin types, as it contains the following AHA key ingredients: 6% glycolic acid and 4% and lactic acid. These AHAs deeply exfoliate the skin, reduce oiliness and blemishes, and smooth uneven skin texture. They also minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion. Exfoderm Forte also contains glycerin to soothe and hydrate the skin.
Obagi Nu-Derm Blender


Contains Arbutin - This is a natural skin lightener that is as effective as hydroquinone as evening skin tone but doesn't come with the negative side effects, Lactic Acid - This alpha hydroxy acid helps to naturally boost the exfoliation process while reducing break outs, acne and also helps reduce the signs of aging, and Vitamin C and E - These powerful anti oxidant shelps reduce inflammation, stimulates collagen production in the dermis and reduces the signs of aging while nourishing the skin.
Obagi Nu-Derm Tretinoin


A prescription strength topical treatment for acne vulgaris. Available in 2 strengths of Cream: 0.05%, and 0.1%
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